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one of your sellers,a man named Curtis Cooper,was my roommate for a month.i had known him socially for a couple of yrs,and as i have bad health problems,and was needing help with busting wood,and building fires,plus he was supposed to pay the phone bill every month to help me out,as i only draw 775.00 social security/disability, told him he could stay in the spare room.he left on christmas day,leaving me with a past due phone bill i dont know how im going to pay,and so i told him he couldn`t come back. then i noticed, while looking at things i had posted with you,that he was selling (my) merchandise as his own.tried to call,and text him,give him the opportunity to stop it, but he wouldn`t get back to me.then today,i couldn`t believe what i was seeing..

there on his items listed for sale was my car,its sitting in my driveway,dont want to sell it,cant even if i did,because Franklin Finance,of Blairsville, hold the title for collateral,for a loan i took out from them.its the red 2000 Iszuzu Amigo on (his) page,saying hes selling it. was in shock,this is not some lovers quarrel or anything of that nature,he just wouldnt pay any bills,and bulid fires, and then left me in the lurch,so i told him he had to stay gone.he actually took something very important to me with him when he left also,but cant turn him in to the authorities,as i live alone,in a remote area,and simply afraid of what he might do if hes arrested.but scrolled on down his page today,and there was a set of Britannica Encyclopedia,s i have given to a young man for his son,for re-wiring my fuse box.also two guitars that belong to me.and the thing that makes me think he might be mentally disturbed or something,is,hes trying to sell my propane heater,and it winter.of course hes doing it for spite,but i cant make him quite,however you can. my name is Barbara Johnson,i live in Hayesville,N.C.

& if you call the finance company listed above,( at 1 706 745 6111) they will verify that they hold title to that Amigo,till my loans paid off.want to to put a stop hold on Mr.Coopers site,so he cant do this to me,im 61 yrs old,have no family,disabled,im not about to put him in jail,so his friends,and family can come terrorize me here in these mountains.but, he is committing fraud,and if you let him continue,your as culpable as he is,i do believe.please stop him from selling my belongings by simply shutting down his listings.he is clearly committing fraud,and misrepresenting himself to the public.its the only safe way for (me) to get him stopped. Barbara Johnson

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