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Whom ever the *** Alison is claiming to work for let-go has absolutely no *** right to come on on my page even when I block the person deleting my items claiming that they're reposting them when I never said yes that is absolute *** *** you guys and I promise you I'm going to screenshot all 18 of my listings if that's happened on and I'm going to post them on all other social media sites! Offer up Facebook Craigslist Instagram Twitter and many many more have a *** up *** day

Product or Service Mentioned: Letgo Marketplace.

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Alison updated my Piano as a two layer table. It's free and I'd like it gone.


She is a bot. Letgo auto updates your listing if you ok it. Not if you don't.


This Allison messages me all hours of the night. I've blocked her/ it and it doesn't help!

My phone won't stop dinging unless I just put it on silent. I even turned off ALL notifications from let go and that didn't work. As soon as I reported the issue, All my listings was now being messaged about with this let go assistant. I finally had to delete all my listings to make it STOP!!

I have taken screen shots of it all along with let go terms and no where in the terms does it says Allison can and will be allowed to continue to message let go members after she/it has been blocked.

No where does the terms say that any let go assistant can continually message members at any given time of day to re-list an item they are selling. See ya in Top Class Action Lawsuits Let Go!!

to Smile 2018 #1549411

Now there is an Emma doing the same thing wtf is going on?


Alison is not a real person, she is a computer-generated person, kind of like a bot. she does not automatically repost your items. You can't block her and you can't stop her messages, you just have to keep deleting them.


Allison is saying oops no longer available. I have people asking and no answer from her..

And there is no NO button.. To get her off out of 50 sites and seen people on the asking about it..

I'm not ready to oops everything I'm selling.. Used to be good now sucks and you get no answer for our from this bot


I've blocked Allison several times but the messages don't stop. I emailed letgo about it and they never replied. Going to email them to delete my account soon.


I get 15+ messages daily from my items about freaking Allison... not to mention it emails me that she messaged me so that's 30 notifications all coming through at the same time...Allison needs to be able to be turned off, stop notices whatever it's a complete waste of time and energy.


I always seem to reply to her with the question of her putting out or giving me a *** Makes me feel better about it on my end.


Folks - Allison is not a real person, nor is she a spam bot who managed to "get past" Letgo. Allison is the creation of Letgo.

Allison is Letgo's version of a virtual assistant. The goal is to offer help to Letgo users.

However, I think we all agree it's a *** addition to the app, and no one likes how intrusive this virtual assistant is. Letgo did a lousy job implementing their virtual assistant.


I just made a new LetGo account tonight. I want to try to sell some of my old Anime items / figures / statues.

Since I no longer have an interest in it. I got a message from Allison too. As soon as I made my first listing. It's not the first time I have heard from her too.

I heard from her on my old LetGo account as well. I simply ignored her,deleted the chat, then I blocked her. But I have a feeling I'm going to hear from her again in a few days. Based on a few posts I have been reading about this so called "Allison".I honestly think that it is a bot or a scam.

So I'm just not going to even bother responding to her. I need to sell stuff. & I need the money. So this Allison chick whoever she is.

Can just *** right off. Lmao xDD


i asked the person (allison) how to get her off my page> no response. tired of the incorrect titles and spanish response?????

to Anonymous #1541647

After you make your listing it gives you the option to "add more info" you click on that and you make your title & add any other info. if you let it auto generate a title then whatever picture it thinks it is, is what the title will be.


Glad to see that I am not bugging. This Allison person keeps popping up asking to repost my things as well.

I blocked her and sent a message to letgo asking them to confirm that this person is legit. No Reply and this was months ago. After I blocked her she still pops up asking to repost my stuff. I have replied to her asking who is she and what position she holds for letgo.

She has not replied. I am going to just delete letgo off my phone since I can not get a response from them.


I've reported Letgo to the FTC from the Allison bot and you should too. When I reach out to customer service about the harassment of a blocked user, this was their response, "I see you have questions about Allison.

Allison is a virtual assistant who contacts you through the letgo chat to give you tips and help you sell your items faster. For example, she may contact you to see if you want to repost your listing to give it more visibility.

We're sorry for the inconvenience they are causing you and we've shared your feedback with the appropriate team. We are currently working on an a more complete notifications centre that will let you choose the notifications you want to see and remove the ones you don't." This sort of product development is unacceptable and I'm pretty sure they are breaking privacy and spam laws.


Allison is so hot.


That stupid *** keeps spamming me


Allison got to me too.The buttons on chat to respond to anyone are missing.Nothing is coming to me, either.What to do?

to Leanne Turner #1541649

you probably need to clear out the cache a on your phone.


I'm in the same boat with Allison and deleting my posts and I can't delete my listings but she already did. I Googled her and whoever this person is is a fake and they got her portrait off of Google.

Why won't anybody go after this b****.

I consider it extremely unprofessional and I want everything of mine deleted . 703-919-7757

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