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My name is Kami Hunter. I am a hardworking, single mother of 3 little girls.

Last week I went to purchase an IPHONE 7 PLUS for my daughter. I went back and forth with this person through chats and everything seemed legit. I even followed all the safety measures that were told to me, pay in cash, don't give personal information, meet up (which I was leery about anyways).

Finally, when I went to meet up with him in the parking lot, he starts telling me about the phone then grabs my money and phone and runs off into someone’s house. This area is in Akron, more specifically the street name is Barbara.

He was a heavy, talk, black, dark –skinned man, with a huge gap in his front teeth.He was wearing all gray with a Nike sign on the front of his hoodie in green. He lost his shoe on his run and as I was talking to the police on the phone, his friend came out, grabbed the shoe, and ran back to whatever apartment they were in The friend was lighter complected with small dreads and a Cavaliers jacket on. Then a heavy set man with glasses in the adjacent house spoke to the guy that was carrying the shoe. The whole neighborhood is fishy.

I have reported this to the Akron police department and have a case number.

However, when I was checking the app last night this guy came up again. This really pissed me off, less than 15 hours ago you robbed me and now you're going to do it to someone else. Same pictures, same phone, he was such an idiot, he put the exact description up this time as he did the last time.

I have attached documentation of everything, and if anything I only want to see him prosecuted. I had my two young daughters in the car and had it not be for them, I might’ve been hurt myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Letgo Website.

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