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Every time I want to chat about a product that I am interested in, it says LetGo has stopped working. What is up with that garbage.

No wonder people have trouble selling their things on this site. So hey, I'm interested but, LetGo won't let me chat. Is this a scam or what???? Guess I will go to the store and buy new since I can't buy on LetGo.

Maybe, we should go back to using Craigslist or the good old newspaper.

And these idiots that say they are interested and set a time and place and never show up. Sick of wasting my time and gas for so-called buyers and sellers.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of cant communicate with sellers. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of letgo website. Letgo needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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what's up with the chat on the letgo app. Someone hit me up about a hour ago and I have been trying to chat back with them to let them know the item is still available.

I can't because the app tells me my message was not sent because there was a error and when I hit help, nothing happens. I have probably missed out on this $200 sale. Can't get a hold of letgo. So I think I need to close this account and go somewhere else.

How are you supposed to sell something when you can't even let the buyer know it is available and can't get a hold of anyone at letgo. If you miss a sale or buy, all you will probably get from letgo is sorry so sad and they are not going to give you the money you missed out on.

This really sucks. This has helped me make up my mind to leave, because you can't make money on a app that always has problems and can't get a hold of anyone.


LetGo needs to hire the guys at OfferUp to do LetGo programming. I’ve never used such a sloppily programmed App.

It’s pothetic at best. Click ANYTHING in OfferUp and it’s almost instant. LetGo needs serious work.

Also that STUPID Allison assistant crap was ridiculous. LetGo needs to Let go of managers and programmers.

to RArthatesLetGo #1564480

I forgot to mention how extremely poorly the LetGo “Automatic Title Generated” feature DOES NOT work. Get with it LetGo or GoAway.

to RArthatesLetGo #1565669

You Are Right About, OfferUp And 5 Mile Have There *** Together. I Never Have A Problem On Those Apps.

Allison Is A Pain I My *** Even If You BLOCK Her, She Still Gets Through And She Sends A Message About Re posting All The Items On Your Page. It's Funny How Blocked Allison Get's A Notification To You, But It Seems That Notifications From A Buyer Or Seller Does Not A Lot Off The Time.

The Only Way You Know Is If You Check The App. Then Most Of The Time It's To Late.


Trying to sell. Potential buyer chats saying they are interested.

I try to reply but receive message can not be sent error. What is going on?


Yes the app is garbage!! I’ve listed my items and can’t respond to potential customers!!

There’s no support service!! I rather sell my items on OfferUp!!


I'm having the same issue.


My return responses do not go out. I use to get emails and return messages that quit working. What is wrong.


I also cannot open the messages unless connected to WiFi even though my cellular data is set to on for the app. This happened when they changed the website a month or so ago. Too bad there is no customer service to let them know.


I am having issues with Chat on the App and the website


its not working for me either


I've been having the same problem since I started using letgo. I get notified that someone sent me a message and it's never shows their message.

And not just one person.

All 38 different random people who are interested in buying cannot reach me and I'm assuming the same vise versa on their end. Extremely frustrating since I'm having a moving away sell and need stuff gone in a specific time frame.

to Letgo_is_trash #1548691

Same here


I’m getting notifications saying John Doe has sent a message and then there is no message. Been happening for the last three days.

to Rieta #1548152

I just started getting the exact same thing tonight! Made a sale with a guy and hours later I keep getting a “ghost messages from him over and over again.

Also, earlier today (same customer) he was waiting for me at my apartment sending me messages saying he was here but I couldn’t get them until all of a sudden they came rushing in all at once.

ALSO ALSO...the app constantly loses signal. Emtheyeither need to update this bug, or I’m out!

to Alex #1548153

*Either they need. (Damn autocorrect can suck it)

to Rieta #1548155

I get the same thing from the name Yvette Nichols! The app has told me about a dozen times today she has sent me a message but....lies.


I have not been able to respond on letgo for two days

to Anonymous #1548080

Me either


Let go app will not work most of the time. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

Still says Oops error occurred try again. Getting rid of this carp.

I will use Facebook MarketPlace. Always have had good results with them.

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