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Every time I want to chat about a product that I am interested in, it says LetGo has stopped working. What is up with that garbage.

No wonder people have trouble selling their things on this site. So hey, I'm interested but, LetGo won't let me chat. Is this a scam or what???? Guess I will go to the store and buy new since I can't buy on LetGo.

Maybe, we should go back to using Craigslist or the good old newspaper.

And these idiots that say they are interested and set a time and place and never show up. Sick of wasting my time and gas for so-called buyers and sellers.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of cant communicate with sellers. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of letgo website. Letgo needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I agree. Letgo has not worked for me at all.

People say they are interested and I answer within minutes, but they never make an offer or check back.

They often ask if still available and when I say yes - crickets....I think it is a combination of a bad app and stupid people who use it. They either accidentally press the I'm interested button thinking they are saving it or something or they move on to the next thing that attracts their 3-second attention spans.

to JB #1501311

I have not gotten a SINGLE solitary chat message through to ANYONE for weeks. How can everyone be having this problem and LetGo just isnt aware? I already didnt like the company or the app....this was the nail in the coffin.


When are u ever going to fix this app so people can use it again?This is ridiculous. Missing out on many sales.Who is this Allison that says she can repost things? I can repost my own things.


Im based in Spain and even thought my location is correctly set Letgo will not let me list any item to sell.Help!


So this customer is in an unhappy mood, too. Would love to purchase the item, but letgo won't send the message.


I am having the same problem nothing I'm posting is showing up anywhere and the home screen is not refreshing anybody's new items all the items or at least a day or two old


I have same problem with letgo.com. Get an email from a potential buyer and can't respond because it doesn't show up in my chat.


Agreed something is up. I have always had success in selling items on letgo.com.

All of a sudden ...nothing! I didn't think too much of it but its been a week straight and nothing. It turns out none of my listings are showing up on the website! In my account it shows they are listed but when I go to search for them, they aren't there and the search wont even let me actually search.

What a mess.

Its so frustrating that you can't email or call anyone to fix it. FORGET IT!


Location either sets at 10 miles or like 100 miles... Can't load chats or notifications. About tired of it.


I am experiencing the same thing! but I have to say...

I was sexually disturbed by a fake user, posing as a girl names Denise Gonzalez..!!!

That threatened my safety, my trust in the site and not to mention it was very very upsetting to go through this.I wrote to Let Go and reported this already... but definitely not using this again!


Changed password, cannot log in, cannot login through Gmail or google, Cut all my security off, but still the same thing, NOTHING!


What I'm seeing while trying to login this morning to Letgo on PC is that the API/Service they use for login's is experiencing a server error (503). This is common when applications such as this integrate Facebook/Gmail oAuth communication and if the web services they are trying to connect to aren't working correctly.Request URL: https://bouncer.letgo.com/api/authentication?include=user,user_accountsRequest Method: POSTStatus Code: 503 Service UnavailableRemote Address: Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade


Same. Happening right now too. Wtf

to Rjmars #1498463

Update the app


My letgo app was working just fine then out of no where it won’t let me log in or anything on it!!! Can this be fixed or just delete app and allow my buyers to go some where else!!!! Not happy with this


Mine works on my phone but not my PC. Whats up I wonder


Can't send messages to reply to items I am trying to sell. I can reply to something I am trying to buy,

to Anonymous #1489282

I cant respond to sellers. Maybe they've just moved to doing everything on the Phone like Offer Up. Doing business on Phones is ok every now and then but I like using the PC and a larger screen to see what i'm thinking of purchasing.

to Anonymous #1494004

Same here. Someone wrote to me an hour ago about an item, but I can't respond.


Same thing is happening to me

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