Update by user May 14, 2017

Messaged letgo's customer service on Facebook and they deleted it for me

Original review posted by user May 02, 2017

I had a customer that offered $30 for a product I was selling for $65, I told hem the lowest I would go is $ was a michael kors wallet... they said they'll pass and I told them okay, 30 is unreasonable..

and that was the end of the conversation. I got a notification that they reviewed me, so i read it, and they said "not polite. not trustworthy. She was cursing just because I negotiated the price.

I cannot trust such customers. She could start a fight with her customers. Be careful! potential dealers be warned!" I am nothing but polite to potential customers.

There was not one curse sent in the message exchange.

I don't want this one person, who's mad because I won't accept $30, ruin my rep on letgo. Why are reviews posted without verification first?

Review about: Letgo Marketplace.

Reason of review: unreliable buyers.

Preferred solution: get the review taken down.

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Honestly, Letgo shouldn't have taken down the review - you were rude to that person


I see no one cussing. They were simply offering $30, you could have just said "no"


Worthless app. No one follows through even with an offer placed. Too many wackadoodles.


Because it's a bs site. No regulating, nothing. I'd rather stick with eBay, even though eBay can be a hassle.


Same thing happened to me and these trolls are leaving unwarranted reviews , bad reviews to good sellers, letgo has to remove these bad reviews unless said buyer buys something and unsatisfied, this is not the case, these trolls are giving us bad reputations and reviews for no reason other then being trolls, let go has to fix problem and remove these reviews we strive so hard to get and some troll can just come and hurt our reputation! Letgo fix problem and remove our bad reviews!! And make it so this can't happen!

to Anonymous #1328329

I actually messaged letgo's customer service Facebook page and they fixed it for me and deleted the review within 24 hours of messaging them.

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