I have purchase a air canada gift card off Omarie Chever it's a $1500 dollars card for $700. He came to my condo build Lobby and verify the balance with me then i give him the cash.

And 3 weeks after the card balance was $0 dollars with out me using it.

My personal cell phone number is 647-882-7294 my name is Dale Orlando Chow and i do have a Letgo account plus u will be able to see my conversation about the purchase with Omarie Chever. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Air Canada Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Let me get this straight. You purchased a 1500 card for 700’ and at no point did you think “ hey this might be a scam”?

Greed does terrible things and in your case it allowed you to overlook a situation that was clearly a scam. It never occurred to you??? Are you an adult?? Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s real!!

Just because someone edifies the amount doesn’t mean they didn’t log that card info to use AFTER they had your money!!! See it’s NOT the card it’s the sequence of numbers on the card. Let me guess the individual used their phone to call in to a automated (supposedly) system and you listened in on speaker. Sound about right?

You got scammed because your greed overrode your common sense. Nothing more. Learn from this and don’t do it again. What you are whining about is like the {{Redacted}} calling the police on a dealer because they got sold soap instead of crack.

You literally got what you paid for. A card that SAID 1500.

to Durpa #1572763

Durpa, So let me get this straight....the innocent victim is at fault here because of their greed? If greed is your basis, don’t you think that falls on the scammer?

People like you are the worst. Looking down on others because you THINK they aren’t as smart as you. It is pathetic. Believe it or not some people are trusting and very naive and sure maybe they lack some common sense...does that make it okay to steal from them?

No. Does that make you better than them? No. Comparing him to a crack addict?

Cmon. He got what he paid for..... an empty plastic card? Where I’m from $700 buys more than a piece of plastic.

Your total lack of compassion is nauseating. Your sense of superiority is comical. Are you an adult? I only assume a child would think it appropriate to label someone greedy with only a paragraph of information to go off of.....

I’m sure you are probably reading this and rolling your eyes because you think I am an ignorant idealist that doesn’t know how the world works....something tells me you are arrogant like that. I promise you I am not. Maybe you think I am just flat out dumb.

I promise you I am not. But based on your seriously flawed logic and terrible analogies something tells me that you might be.

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