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Sherry Bobo of Ball Ground Georgia Towne Mill subdivision. Came to my home bought a $40 item.

Scoped out my home and yard, came back broken to my house stoled items, and even items in my yard. Call the cops because of the items Disturbed we really knew who this person was and gave them her address, because we took the item that she bought from us originally to her home and delivered it. So we knew where she lived. The cops went to her home found my items some of them and return them but of course not all of my items were returned.

I want letgo customer to be aware of Sherry Bobo of Ball Ground Georgia that she is a thief and she has been charged with theft. And this all came from letgo

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I know all about safety tips. I was not living at this home we had moved out and I was having a moving sale. That's the only reason I brought her to my home I advertised a moving sale, she came waited till we left and came back.


Some police stations will allow you to meetthere if you are selling online or purchasing an item online for your safety. If the buyer/seller does not want to meet at a police station, then you know it will be a scam.Never let someone in your home that you do not know. It is just a matter of common sense


OMG Sherry Bobbo got me too!She came to my house to purchase an original velvet painting of John Waters petting a sea otter, and while she was there she used my bathroom...Not only did she use WAY too many of my flushable scented wipes, that *** brushed her teeth with my toothbrush and I'm pretty sure she poured about a third of my mouthwash down the sink.I seems like that's what happened. There really is no accounting for the missing lavender wipes and I'm pretty sure I bought that Listerine last week so why would it be so low?

to Tandy453 #1483844

yes this girl is a real snake in the grass. this is why I wanted everyone to know about sherry Bobo. She was arrested in her picture is in the just busted paper.


I sell on Let Go and NEVER have anyone EVER come to my house nor do I EVER go to any strangers home EVER I don’t care what the item is. I meet people in a public parking lot near a police station.

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