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Update by user Jul 12, 2018

7-12-18 As an update...the "Virtual Assistant" keeps sending me messages on items I have already blocked her from. They have an override in their system that keeps allowing contact even after you have blocked them.

This is very frustrating. I am considering dropping this APP.

Original review posted by user Jul 06, 2018

1) I keep getting a ton of useless messages from their "Virtual Assistant Allison" wanting to relist my stuff and reclassify it. I blocked the first one and reported it, then it happened again with another item and yet again I reported it and blocked her.

I also get a ton of worthless marketing alerts from them as well. I keep thinking it may be a buyer and never is.

2) I think that they have fake accounts message you on an item and never bother to reply.

This has happened several time now on items I have had on the site for a while. I use to be able to sell stuff on this site, but it has become very spamish and stalkery...I am just saying...

Product or Service Mentioned: Letgo Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Like most websites they are out to make a quick buck therefore they are going to use the least amount of bandwidth and the cheapest webmasters and cheapest servers. Unfortunately this amounts to a *** and badly managed site.

It's worse than the Walmart website and the weather channel website which I didn't think any site was as slow and screwed up as those two. The only suggestions I have is to use it early morning or very late at night and make sure you have high, high speed internet.


I have the same problem. I am trying to sell about 80% of my 68 year life and these intrusion are very annoying and frankly worrisome. If they are not stopped in 2 weeks I will drop Letgo and use another local app.


Man Emma the virtual assistant insane she want let me post cleaning jobs because I'm a male wtf all the females she let post them


Same here w this Allison person! Sh s suggesting i lower my price - tried to message her back and ask what she suggests but then quickly realized its BS .

My pics are all blurred out now except one and my title was changed?

First time on here . Think it will be my last.

to Anonymous #1574952

Allison is now Emma with the same picture.


I’m getting annoyed with the notifications from the virtual assistant as well. And I really don’t care what is trending so I do t need those notifications either.

We should be able to turn hose on/off. I’m considering deleting this app and only using OfferUp


I am trying to reach Emma for assistance with selling items on letgo. Please contact me at 443.414.9713.


Same here. I've only recently started using this app.....

And im already getting annoyed!!! I delete and block her.....

She is back is 1 minute!!!!! Getting pissed off very fast!!!!


I have the same problem and I am wondering if your item sells do they get a comission?


Hate it, Now we get them from Emma. They have to stop this.

to Craig #1546653

Not sure, but I posted on twitter to get rid of Allison....all they did was change her name. What a joke.

to TidyMacaw821 #1548968

Yup they changed her name to Emma now. So rediculous...


Same here! She pops in & then my items are no longer able to be viewed.

All you see is her chat offering to realist! I have Blocked her but she keeps coming back!

When she does repost she changes the Title to something stupid! There’s WAY too many Selling Apps to use!!!!


Agreed! I keep blocking this virtual assistant and she keeps contacting me.

At first I asked her to re-post my listing but noticed that it actually removes them from the site and marks them as not being available or as being sold. I want her off my page and blocking her isn't working.


I agree, every day many messages of this "Assistant" - blocking again and again but now gave up and I will no longer use this App - too many FAKE people inquiring on top of this nuisance "Assistant Alison"


I am very happy with my virtual assistant. When she asked if I would like to read list my item it's only to bring it to the top of the queue obviously.

That would help me get more exposure with a click of the button instead of deleting it and relisting it. Are all of these people knots on here LOL?

Why delete the app I've sold buying of things using it and it's working great. Thank you for adding the virtual assistant

to Mike #1547049

Actually in my experience the item disappears. I can no longer see it on my account or as a listing.

And never get more communication on it.

If the item did sell how it communicated and where is the delivery process. Something is wrong.


Here as well. I came online to see if others were equally disenchanted with this Allison. I, too, will delete the app rather than put up with the useless messages.


I am in the very same situation! Just received another msg from Virtual Assistant Allison only minutes ago. will most likely drop app


Same thing here

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