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If i look at something the app is automatically sending "I'm interested" to the seller. If the issue is not fixed I will stop using you app.

Product or Service Mentioned: Letgo Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have whole conversations that I never started nor continued on items I never even looked at


Ok, people. Feature it, is obviously a scam. I was interested in the ease of posting, but I have gotten way to many suspicious characters interested in my stuff, always asking to exchange phone numbers.


This happened to me also. People were messaging me back.

“When do you want to pick it.” “Item is still available.” I didn’t know what was going on.

I guess, I messaged 11 people saying that “I’m interested .” I didn’t know how to explain what had happened because I didn’t know myself. I’m deleting the app!


Be careful when using this app I almost got scammed

to Anonymous #1612572

They went by the name of Sheila carter and the delivery address is in Hawthorne CA they send a fake western union email and they say they will pay after the item is shipped


I am also experiencing this auto chat...frustating for me as a user...and probably more frustrating for the seller....LetGo needs to correct this issue immediately....this can almost be considered unfair business practices

to Ed #1623693

it is absolutely frustrating and I’m just now realizing that other users were not sending those on purpose. I would get messages all the time saying I’m interested, and then when I message them back they never replied.

I was beginning to think that the users of this app were all just unbelievably rude or had nothing better to do then mess with other users. I told friends of mine not to bother with this app due to all the inconsiderate other users, and now I realize it’s actually the app itself and not the users.


Letgo is bad,always sending im interested messages to sellers


Was looking for a dresser, didn't even open the ad and I get a notification from a seller asking if I'm still interested? I never even opened this particular item and it sent a message stating "is this still available?".

As a seller, I'm finally understanding why I get so many notifications from people asking "is this still available" or "I'm interested" only to get no further dialogue after I respond.

Complete waste of my time!!! I'm closing my account and listing it all on Craigslist!!!


Yeah, this is absolute complete bull Letgo!! I am NOT happy whatsoever about this app commenting for me on my behalf, telling people that I am interested in something when all I did was click on it to see what is was.

I clicked on a woman's bikinis and the damn app told the seller my name and that I was interested, and now for the absolute worst part of this entire fiasco is when I am actually selling something cause most everyone who clicks on my item, it tells me their name and that they are interested in buying whatever it may be that I am selling so I get an *** load of notifications telling me that so and so is interested in buying my item and it really, really sucks cause I'm always thinking that someone is actually interested in buying one of my items from me when I get a notification, but in reality it's just the app telling me that someone is interested just because they clicked on whatever it was that I was selling.. It's the dumbest thing that's ever happened on Letgo app and the really messed up thing is that, Offerup is doing the exact same damn thing! Whoever is in charge at Letgo needs to seriously fix this mess like immediately cause I'm definitely not sticking around much longer like this and I know a whole lot of other people who aren't either of this isn't addressed very soon. There is absolutely ZERO reasons that an App should be messaging people for me telling them that I'm interested in an item that they are selling!!




Oh I get it now. They’re pretending that more convos are happening so they can get better advertising deals.

A false spike in activity means a false data report to con advertisers to pay more for spots on their pages.

Proof is in the numbers must be their pitch. Everyone needs to delete this app and go back to Craigslist.


This is getting quite annoying. Going back to craigslist!


This "feature" is totally useless. You can't even see the price from that browse screen, but they still add an icon to immediately tell the seller you're interested before you're even able to read the description or see the price.

Has anyone ever INTENTIONALLY used that icon?? My guess is that 90% or more of the time it's used, it's on accident, just when someone is scrolling. One of the developers at letgo probably has their bonus check based on the number of messages sent. Some executive is pointing at a chart somewhere showing how much more the app is being used since this enhancement.

An easy way to boost your numbers! very close to deleting this app...


It's the freakin annoying arrow icon on the item listing. It's too easy to accidentally hit it and send an "I'm interested" message.

They need to eliminate it or allow users to disable it. I may have to uninstall the app to stop getting uninterested buyers messaging me.

I have accidentally hit it several times myself lately. LETGO, LISTEN TO YOUR USERS AND FIX THIS.


Yes letgo has been deleted by all my friends and I’m next!!.. this auto I’m Interested is horrible!!


My LetGo App is doing the same thing. Fed up with LetGo.


Yup. Same.

I keep getting people asking me if I’m interested in their stuff.

I’m not and I never was. The app is literally and figuratively a waste of time.


This is happening to me too! What is going on?

J.P. Maryland


Doing it to me also. This sucks as a buyer and seller.

to Joe #1604441

It's horrible as *** as a seller.. I'm going through it right now.

I keep getting all these notifications telling me that all these people are interested then when I write them back they never respond to me cause they actually aren't interested at all.. I actually just found out about what's been going on with Letgo and all these people being interested in my *** like 4 hours ago and I'm absolutely pissed!

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